The Write People
Technical Content Noun. tech·ni·cal \ˈtek-ni-kəl\
Of or relating to the practical use of writing. Writing that involves practical uses of content, such as policies, procedures, manuals, resumes, etc.

Documents or paperwork designed to organize or expedite certain processes within a company. 
Is your business streamlined and organized for optimal revenue generation and easy growth? 
Technical Content Services
  1. Resumes and Cover Letters
    Potential employers see your resume and cover letter before they meet you. Make sure your first impression is professional and authentic. We tailor your resume to highlight your strengths, and customize your cover letter for the job of your dreams.
  2. Manuals
    Studies show that Millennials entering the workforce prefer jobs with coaching programs and collaboration*. Manuals are often used to teach, to record progress, and even to have for reference. Does you company have manuals for standard policies and procedures?
  3. Product Descriptions
    If your business is eCommerce, product descriptions can be the difference between an item sold or passed. We'll write thorough descriptions complete with SEO keywords and metadata to make sure your products get the most exposure possible to the right audience.
  4. Policies and Procedures
    Policies and procedures are the backbone of any company. Not only do they expedite training, but they also ensure safety and efficiency in the workplace. We write engaging, succinct content that is comprehensive for everyone.
  5. Emails and Newsletters
    Does your business send out newsletters? Do you have an email list of clients? The Write People creates engaging, professional content designed to convert readers into customers.
  6. Business Plans
    Is your business ready to take the next step? Business plans are often intimidating, but The Write People is here to help. We make sure that all of your business' content is organized, written, and formatted especially for potential investors.