The Write People
Creative Content. Noun. cre·a·tive \krē-ˈā-tiv
The ability to write new things or think of new ideas. Writing that involves the process by which new ideas or concepts are created.

Original content is necessary for SEO and Social Media Management. Blog posts, articles, marketing copy, and original social media posts are all considered Creative Content. 

Does your business have enough creative content to be considered an expert in your field? 
Creative Content Services
  1. Individual Blog Articles
    Are you looking for a guest blogger, or simply one blog article for your blog? The Write People will write an article for your blog, complete with SEO keywords and metadata information. If you’re unsure of what to write about, we will look at your existing blog content and write a similar article for you.
  2. Website Copy
    What does your website say about your business? For those that have created a website, but aren’t sure what content is necessary, The Write People will write your website copy. We’ll convey your message and tell your story, while checking for spelling and grammar.
  3. Blogging for Businesses
    Does your business have a blog? If it isn't constantly updated, that blog could be harming your Google rankings. The Write People will write weekly blog post articles on behalf of your company, sent over at the beginning of each month.
  4. Micro Blog Posts
    Four original blog articles of roughly 400 words, with links. Micro blog posts are perfect for fashion, listed posts, and short topics. You can choose the topic, or we will choose for you based on your past blog posts.
  5. Press Releases
    Get your company's name out there with Press Releases of your accomplishments. We write press releases in accordance with Web Wire, which garners exposure across the internet.
  6. Skyscraper Articles
    Does your website need an SEO boost? Show the world your expertise with a featured skyscraper article. The Write People will write an article on your behalf, complete with SEO keywording and back links.